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December is a month for sharing with loved ones, having fun cooking and eating, celebrating the end of the year, and quite simply... having a good time! 


HOWEVER, this doesn't necessarily have to mean gaining back all the pounds you managed to lose during the year! Enjoywithoutlose sight of your wellness and body composition goals. We avoid de devoir resumes our goals of  zero in January...


Do you like the recipes I share on Instagram? Well in this ebook you will get a lot more!

For those you already know, I detail each recipe step by step, I add important information (nutritional value, cooking tips and variations to lose fat or gain muscle, and many other special info).


I'm adding even more recipes that you haven't seen yet, even if you've seen all of my Instagram videos. Latin American specialties, revisitations of French recipes, sweet and savory recipes... a bit of everything! Suitable for vegetarians.


I can't wait to see what you think!

Recipe Book 2022

  • As soon as the payment has been made, I will have your information, and I can send the e-book directly to your mailbox within 48 hours (but normally much sooner!) 

    If you have any concerns or questions, please contact me at my email ( or my instagram @carosnutrition 

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