Caro's Nutrition

It's not a diet. It's a lifestyle.


My mission...

... is to help you achieve your fitness, performance and health goals,

short and long term. 


You will be independently assessed and you will receive the personalized service and treatment you deserve.


I use nutrition science and practical experience to get you where you want to be. 

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With Sabbai Fit, it's easier to track your progress. 

PRO access allows you to access your food menu, see the nutritional value of each food, your calories, macronutrients, your interactive training program, and a 100% personalized space to track your performance.

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I recommend 100/100 nutrition services and especially Carolina!
After my pregnancy I had trouble losing the pounds I had gained, but thanks to Carolina I got my body back. I thought I knew everything about nutrition and found I was making a lot of mistakes.

So thank you Carolina for all these tips!

Romane - post pregnancy


Caro is the best, she does a great job. Super qualified, she has the knowledge to help anyone. The nutrition and training menus are very personalized and varied!

I am absolutely certain that anyone who starts with Caro will not regret it!

Gimena - recomposition

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Working with Caro virtually is great. She responds quickly to all my questions, she is caring and very knowledgeable. My menus are always adapted to my needs according to the competition period, in addition to being good. I was able to get the results I was looking for by working with her and improved my performance in sports a lot.

Hancy - athlete

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