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Premium + SabbaiFit App 


95 € / month  


120 € / month

(3 months, to renew if necessary. Possible to take breaks. Can stop at any time)

​By synergizing sport, personalized nutrition with the SabbaiFit app, you will achieve your goals in the most effective way. 

Cours en ligne

How it works

  • Fill out my initial form in detail to know your characteristics and your objectives (link at the bottom of the page).

  • If necessary, we will schedule a videoconference to discuss the details. WhatsApp access will allow me to ask you for more information about your lifestyle and the food products you consume the most.

  • Direct contact throughout the month will allow me to understand your daily habits and closely monitor your progress.

  • Complete personalized follow-up, comparison of before/after photos, modification of your menu until we find your perfect plan 

  • Follow your diet plan on the SabbaiFit app (access and PRO account) for 4 weeks and see the evolution! 

Follow your plans

  • Your app will display your food menu to follow (and if desired, your workout plan) each day.  

  • You will be able to see the complete nutritional value of your diet, of each food, and benefit from videos on the exercises you perform, the muscles worked, the exact weights and much more.

  • You will also be able to follow your anthropometry: body weight, percentage of fat and lean mass

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To get started, the first step is to get to know you better!

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