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Hello !

I am Carolina Villalta, dietician-nutritionist, graduated in Human Nutrition from the University of Costa Rica and Master in Sports Nutrition (BAC+6).


I am passionate about nutrition and fitness. I like to teach as much as I like to learn new things every day (the latest training or diet methods, weight loss or metabolism improvement strategies, scientific articles...)

My goal is for my patients to have good dietary practices that help them achieve their goals, but without ever sacrificing their habits, their lifestyle, and above all without losing the pleasure of good food!_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_

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How did it start?

When I was 18 I went to Thailand and learned 

a word, or rather a phrase, that they often use there. 

"Sabai, sabai"

The translation is "I feel good" or "Take it easy". Being in a Sabai state is seen as a good thing; it means happiness, stability and security. 

This word stuck in my head for several months, even several years, and when I decided to launch my own nutrition application (with Ernesto Fallas, my business partner, fitness enthusiast and personal trainer) I chose the name Sabbai. I wanted to represent the total well-being, serenity and results you get when you take care of your nutrition, your health and yourself. 

The app started well in Costa Rica, but after moving to the US and then France, I never thought it would grow into something bigger and bigger._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_

Today, SabbaiFit is made up of a team of several nutritionists, personal trainers and clients from all over the world (Central America, USA, Europe and even Australia!). 

In my mind, everyone is on their own path, but we are all in this together, looking for health and that sabai sabai! 

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Our services

We offer to accompany you in your approach to health, fitness, performance improvement, or health research, all through our application.

Salade saine


Food plan and menus with exact quantities. Estimation and tracking of your calories, goals for each macro nutrient, and a huge food database to modify your menus and make your program as precise as you want. 

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Training program according to your objective, your place of training (not compulsory to go to the gym), and according to your physical level. Repetitions, series and videos to follow on the screen to achieve a perfect technique.



Full tracking on your app. Write down your anthropometry (weight, fat percentage, lean body mass, water). Watch your evolution in the "progress" section or get in touch with your "community" to share with others.

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