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€15  per month


PDF Format

40 €  per month 


app + whatsapp

85 € per month NUTRITION
95 € per month NUTRITION + SPORT

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Sabbai fit app

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Your Beginner and Premium plans include PRO access to the SabbaiFit app.

You will be able to visualize your training and/or nutrition plan, follow it as closely as you want and make it all much easier. You will also have access to training to do at home or at the gym.



Your PDF and Premium plans include direct and frequent communication with your dietician.

thee-book will allow you to communicate via email, and the application even more directly via WhatsApp.

You'll get a monthly progress tracker to see results, and a comparison of before/after photos.

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On the CarosNutrition site, your payment is 100% secure. All your data is protected.

The server is encrypted and the information conveyed is coded.

  • Transactions protected against malicious interception.

  • CarosNutrition has no knowledge of your credit card data.

  • We do not store your data.

Payment methods accepted:

  • BC, Visa, MasterCard,

  • PayPal

  • Transfer by bank account, Lydia, Revolut...

You will find each payment button at the top of the page for the program you want, and an option to

a) subscribe (automatic monthly payment) or

b) pay by Stripe (one payment).


You can stop direct debits whenever you worries about that!

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